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Behind The Look: Precious Stone Diamond Palette

Posted on Tuesday, 4 February 2020 - By Courtney

Warm and neutral eyeshadow palettes have ruled the eyeshadow scene for the past couple of years while cool tones have quietly sat on the sidelines. I'm very guilty of only buying warm and neutral palettes but when we received the Precious Stone Collection Diamond Palette I knew I needed to create a look with it.

After swatching just about every shade in the palette I dragged Amelia, who was actually very willing, to the makeup chair so I could create the dark, smokey look I had envisioned.

With super dramatic looks I prefer to do the eye makeup first that way I don't have to worry about fall out ruining anything I've already done and I can also let any skincare I've applied sink in.

I started off by using the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer all over the lid to conceal any natural colours like veins and to also act as an eye shadow primer.
I then used "Atom" to set the concealer under the brow and lightly blended it down so the cooler tone shades I used afterwards blended easily and didn't just grab onto the concealer. I then used small amounts of the shades "Coin" and "Flare" through Amelia's crease and blended them up slightly just to add some depth and to act as transition colours. Using the shade "Charcoal" I blended this through her crease very gently, not blending it very high at all. I then used that same shade and built up more depth through the out corner of her eye. Next I went in with shade "Volt", I used this on the outer third of her lid. I then applied "Steel" on the very inner third of her lid. On the center of her lid I used " Corrosion" which is this really beautiful grey colour that has green and purple reflects to it. Using the combination of these three shades on her lid gave a really beautiful gradient.

For an extra pop of glam I used the Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Liner in "Ancient Pewter" on her very inner corner.

With such a bold eye look i wanted to keep her skin looking really fresh and luminous. I used the Velvet Concepts The Ultimate Primer followed by the Dermacol BB Cream. I then spot concealed and highlighted with the Conceal & Define concealer by Makeup Revolution. For blush I used the Velvet Concepts Creme Chic Blush in "Amaretto", I'm so obsessed with this blush! It gives such a luminous finish to the skin. Bronzer was Velvet Concepts Bronze Du Soleil in "Byron Bay". To finish of this luminous look I used theBalm highlighter in Mary-lou Manizer.

With the eye makeup being so bold I wanted to do a slightly bolder brow than what Amelia normally wears but I had to make sure we didn't go too dark or heavy with the products as she has quite light hair. We started with the Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect in "Husk" create the shape I wanted. To set everything in place and create more depth I used the Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend in "Husk"

To create the perfect nude lip for this look I ended up mixing a couple shades over top of the LA Girl Ultimate Auto Lip Liner in "Keep It Spicy". These were Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in "Celebrity Skin" and "I'm Nude". I then topped this with Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss in "Diamond Juice".

Until next time,

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