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Cloud Nine - The Original vs. The Touch Iron

Posted on Monday, 23 December 2019 - By Amelia

The Touch v the Original

Cloud Nine has recently released a new straightening iron to its collection; 'The Touch'. At a first glance, it looks relatively similar to the Original. But, what immediately sets the two apart is the dramatic price difference. The Touch retails at $350 - less than the Original which sits at $390. This naturally begs the question, what is the difference?


The Original

  • 7 different temperature setting ranging between 100 degrees and 200 degrees
  • Large range enables any user to adjust the temperature accordingly to achieve best possible results for their specific hair needs
  • Able to minimise heat damage with lower temperatures

The Touch

  • 2 different temperature settings at 165 degrees and 195 degrees
  • Small range making it a straightener ideal for only a limited range of hair
  • Unable to minimise heat damage as no settings under 165 degrees (heat-protect spray is essential)


The Original

  • Manual on/off switch
  • Manual temperature control
  • Heats in 20 seconds
  • Turns off after 30 minutes of no use or can be switched off manually
  • Universal voltage (compatible with any country even if power source varies - ideal for travel)
  • Mineral coated plates to minimise damage and leave hair looking conditioned and healthy

The Touch

  • Innovative technology featuring a no-button design
  • Turns on and heats instantly once picked up and used
  • Switch between temperatures by tapping plates together 3 times
  • Turns off after 30 seconds of no use
  • No universal voltage (may not be compatible in countries with varying power sources)
  • Mineral coated plates to minimise damage and leave hair looking conditioned and healthy

So, what straightener is best for you?

If you are a person who still wants a high quality iron with normal - thick hair but is on a budget, the Touch is a good choice. With such a fast heat up time, it is ideal for those with busy lives and takes a modern twist on the classic straightener while still managing to create flawless look

If in contrast you are after a straightener that contains all the bells and whistles, will provide a more personalised experience and is compatible with travel and all hair types, the Original is for you - it is a straightener that will never disappoint.

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