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Does Fanola 'No Yellow' really work?

Posted on Sunday, 9 May 2021 - By Amelia

Fanola is an Italian haircare brand dedicated to delivering cost-effective, affordable and professional grade products.

From what started as a brand that was salon-exclusive, due to popular demand, Fanola soon became available to the everyday consumer and it's easy to see why - the results speak for themselves. Fanola has only been gaining in popularity ever since it launched and it is now stocked all across the globe, with its range ever expanding.

It works! And here's why...

For anyone who has blonde, ashy blonde, platinum, grey, silver of white hair, I am sure you are no stranger to pesky, unwanted yellow tones. However, such discolouration to hair is pretty much inevitable (sigh). Everyday activities, including washing your hair, using heated hair styling tools and product build up, all contribute to sucking out your hair colour and causing discolourations. This is a problem, as not everyone can afford or has the time to visit the salon every few weeks. The creators of Fanola wanted to provide a solution for prolonging hair colour maintenance, and that's exactly what they did.

The science behind the No Yellow range all comes down to your basic colour wheel. The colour wheel sets out pairs of complementary colours which are each other's opposites, so they essentially cancel each other out. Such complementary colours include blue + orange, and purple + yellow. Applying this logic to hair, Fanola realised that hair products containing violet pigmentation and tones would pick up any yellowness in hair, and eliminate it. Perfect, pure blonde tones would be the only thing left behind - this was ideal.
The violet pigmentations used by Fanola are unique and ultra effective, more so than your standard purple hair products.The result is an at-home toning solution that leaves hair brightened, lively and vibrant. The products in the Fanola range dedicated to neutralising yellowness are: No Yellow Shampoo, No Yellow Incredible Foam Conditioner, No Yellow Ocean Mask.

Blonde hair is not only subject to unwanted yellowness, but it is also typically quite fragile - this makes it more prone from damaging external factors. Such factors include heat, humidity and pollution, the result of which leads to increased hair oiliness and breakage, and decreased shine. As it is no good having perfectly coloured that is unhealthy, the No Yellow Shield Mist Protective Spray, No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream and the Bi Phase Conditioner were created. These products are specifically designed to help combat and protect all blonde hair types from harmful factor exposure, leaving hair healthy and undamaged.

As if the above wasn't enough, all of the No Yellow range formulas are colour-protective, designed specifically to minimise unnecessary colour fading. When the No Yellow range is used together, your hair will be the envy of all.

So, now you know the science, let's dive into the products.

No Yellow Shampoo

Fanola No YellowThe shampoo in the No-Yellow range is by far the most popular and it comes in three sizes: 100ml; 350ml; and 1L. Currently, only the 350ml size uses the new Vegan forumla. However, the original formula still used in the 100ml and 1L sizes are still just as effective and achieve the same results.

Containing the special violet pigmentations, this shampoo neutralises yellow reflections caused by pigment residue after bleaching, lightening and the oxidizing action of the elements. As this dark violet shampoo can be used as a regular shampoo, toning your hair has never been easy. Simply apply to damp hair, leave on for 1-3 minutes, and rinse. This shampoo is to be used once a week, or as needed when yellow tones become prominent. Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo prolongs hair colour and gets you through the time between one salon appointment to the next. For optimum blondening results, after using the shampoo, follow with either Incredible Foam Conditioner or the Ocean Mask.

No Yellow Incredible Foam Conditioner

Fanola No Yellow The No Yellow Incredible Foam Conditioner has a mousse texture and is a conditioning toning foam is perfect for all blondes. The violet pigment works, as we know, to neutralise unwanted yellow tones in as little as 2 minutes. This vegan formula is infused with bilberry so that your hair does not overtone, and will leave hair soft, shiny and silky after use without weighing it down. Due to its moisturising, conditioning effects, the Incredible Foam Conditioner is especially ideal for those with fine hair who need that extra bit of protection.
The conditioner can be applied to the entire head (focusing especially on the tips), left, and then rinsed. The amount of time you should leave this foam conditioner in varies depending on your particular hair type and desired results. For platinum hair, the conditioning foam should be left on for 1-3 minutes. For golden blonde hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes.

No Yellow Ocean Mask

Fanola No Yellow
As the name implies, this mask contains seaweed extract from the Pacific Ocean - a herbal active ingredient that increases hair shine, silkiness and softness. Designed to be used in combination with the No Yellow Shampoo, this mask further neutralises yellowness in hair, seals cuticles and adds moisture. The formula is also designed to protect hair colour and combat future yellowness, providing you with an ultra-lasting effect.

The Ocean mask should be applied to damp hair (that isn't too wet) after shampooing, and for optimum toning results, should be left on between 1-5 minutes. This mask is recommended to be used once a week, or as needed when signs of yellowness become evidence.

No Yellow Shield Mist Protective Spray

Fanola No YellowThere are many external factors that can lead to hair damage and colour fading. That's why the No Yellow Shield Mist Protective Spray is your everyday best friend. Using "Shield Defense" technology, this mist protects blonde hair from smog, pollution and other external aggressive and oxidant agents. Hair is left glossy, healthy and protected from colour fading/changing. The mist is also scented with a perfume inspired by haute-perfumery, so your hair will be left smelling amazing after use.

The Shield Mist Protective Spray uses a leave-in formula which can be applied to damp or dry hair. Simply spray over all your hair everyday, brush through, and you're good to go. This is an easy solution to counteracting daily exposure which can be damaging to your blonde hair.

No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream

While the Shield Mist Protective Spray protects hair from factors such as pollution, the No Yellow Shield Thermo-Protective Cream has two focuses: protecting hair from heat and thermal damage; and minimising breakage. The cream formula uses a "Heat Block" complex to protect hair from the heat of hairdryers, straighteners and other heating tools. The Thermo-Protective Cream also works to seal hair fibres, preventing split ends and hair breakage (especially common when hair is bleached and lightened). Hair detangling after use has never been easier and hair is left looking soft, silky and glossy. This is a leave-in formula and should be applied to the lengths and tips of hair. It can be used on damp or dry hair, although you should ensure hair is fully dry after use before using any heated styling tools (aside from hair dryers).

Bi Phase Conditioner

The No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave In Conditioner focuses on reducing hair frizz and combating the effects of humidity. The formula works by wrapping around each hair stem upon application, creating a protective film that is designed to withstand damaging environmental factors. The results are smooth, undamaged and frizz-free hair all day.

This leave-in conditioner also has your typical conditioner-like effects. It minimises yellow tones, whilst also moisturising hair fibres. Because of these properties, Bi-Phase Leave In Conditioner is effective at detangling hair and preventing unnecessary hair breakage. Using the Bi-Phase conditioner is easy - after shampooing, spray it onto the mid-lengths and ends of hair. As no rinsing is required, you only need to massage and comb the conditioner through hair before you're good to go!

So, that is the Fanola No Yellow range. If you have any of the hair colours mentioned in this post, I would recommend you try this range ASAP! Dedicated to eliminating yellow tones all while protecting and nourishing hair, the No Yellow range is a game changer. Prolonging salon effects has never been cheaper, or more affordable - and yes, it really does work! If you've read this post and have brunette/dark blonde hair and are feeling slightly disheartened, you should check out the Fanola No Orange Shampoo - this is a shampoo dedicated to eliminating orange brassy tones typically found in darker hair colours. There truly is a solution for everyone!

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