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ghd Pink Collection: Take Control Now

Posted on Thursday, 9 July 2020 - By Toni

ghd and the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation have partnered together to raise awareness of the importance of checking your boobs. This newest collection features the ghd platinum+ hair straightener, ghd gold hair straightener and the ghd helios hair dryer in a powdered pink hue with an important message to "Take Control Now", giving you a friendly reminder to make sure you give yourself some mirror time.

While we're offered a lot of Pink items during this time of year, we only stock those that we feel are genuinely helping the cause, not just profiting from it. ghd are one of the brands that we feel make a real difference - not only are they donating $20 from the sale of each product to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, but they're raising awareness of the importance of self checking your breasts each month. We all know that breast cancer exists, but knowing that you could identify it early simply by doing a self check each month is really important.

We're really impressed that ghd are using real survivors in their campaign, including the gorgeous Sofi Leota, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23. She underwent a mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, and last year was declared to be in remission. Sofi is an inspiration and her partnership with ghd means that she can reach more people with the important self-check message. ⠀⠀

“I wasn’t actively self-checking [but] accidentally felt a lump by chance. If I hadn’t, my diagnosis and treatment could have been a lot worse and more full on.” - Sofi Leota

So while you should definitely check out the new collection (it's a pretty pastel pink!), you should also do a self check. If you don't own a pair of boobs, maybe remind someone you love that it might be time x

~ Team Beauty Bliss

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