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Halloween 2020: Ripped Mouth

Posted on Tuesday, 29 September 2020 - By Gemma

Wanting a super creepy ripped mouth look for Halloween this year? Keep reading and I'll tell you how to do it!

I started this look with my beauty makeup on the eyes. I didn't want them to be bare, so I used the Makeup Revolution Division Palette to create a deep brown smoky eye, topped with some Faux Mink Lashes for extra drama.

Then after filling my brows in as usual, I faintly drew a line above my upper lip and one below my lower lip with a brow pencil, joining them on the edges so it looked a bit like a big weird smile. I applied my foundation and concealer, making sure to leave that marked out space around my mouth totally clear of product.

Now for the creepy part! I had some cotton wool all ripped up ready to apply (this will make sense soon, I promise!) and opened up my Liquid Latex. It's important to have some patience for this next bit, and work in small sections. Using my penciled in boundary, I started applying my latex. I applied a relatively thick amount, but only covering 2-3 centimeters of surface at a time so that I have time to work with it before it starts to set. I pressed the ripped up cotton wool into the latex, dragging pieces down and coating them in latex so I could later attach them to the bottom line. Before the latex set, I used a chunky, dense brush and pressed along the top edge to blend the latex into my skin as much as possible. I repeated these steps all along the top line until I was happy.

Before doing the bottom line of latex, I took this time to fill in the centre of the mouth. For this I mixed the black and red shades from my Kryolan Multi Colour Cream Circle Wheel. I didn't bother mixing these very well, as I liked that some spots were darker, and some were more red. I topped that off with some Thick Blood, I liked the thicker blood as it maintained the look of fresh blood, without dripping down my face like regular fake blood.

I then repeated what I did with the latex and cotton on that bottom line we marked out, dragging the cotton up to meet the bits we had pulled down earlier. I made sure all visible cotton was covered by the latex so it wouldn't continue breaking down, and wouldn't start flying off.

To finish up, I used a foundation slightly darker than my own skintone to cover up all the latex and cotton. Using a darker shade helped cover up the white a little easier.

Happy Halloween! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram in your own creepy Halloween looks - @beautyblissnz #beautybliss.

~ Gemma

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