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Halloween Look: Half Skull

Posted on Saturday, 15 September 2018 - By Gemma

This half skull look looks super impressive, but is actually pretty simple!

1. To start, I drew a rough line over my nose and cheeks with Kryolan Clown White so that I knew how far to take my foundation and regular beauty makeup. I used clown white as it's really easy to smudge out if I make a mistake. This will be covered up later so don't stress about making it precise.

2. I then did my regular makeup on the top half of my face, using the Revolution Velvet Rose Palette to do a bold, dark smokey eye, and topped it off with some Carousel Faux Mink lashes. With all the intensity that's about to happen on the lower half of my face, i wanted to make sure my eyes had some drama and didn't disappear into my face.

3. To start the skull makeup, I filled the lower half of my face in with the Kryolan Clown White, and set it with the white shade in my Velvet Rose palette to ensure it wouldn't slip around or mix with the gel i'll be using for my skull detailing. Using a white eyeshadow also helps with coverage, since it contains pigment rather than a translucent powder. This makes the white more opaque.

4. I used the Ebony Brow Pomade from Revolution to start drawing in the skull details. You could use a black gel eyeliner for a more intense effect, but i wanted to keep it a tiny bit softer as well as make it easier on myself to remove product if i make mistakes. Looking at a reference photo of a skull helped me figure out where to start drawing in my teeth, nose and cheek bones. The next steps are optional and require sfx products. I think it looks awesome at this point but adding in the latex and blood really takes it to a new level.

5. I wanted to look like my skin had been ripped up and was revealing my skull underneath, so for that i had to make some fake ripped skin. To create this effect, I ripped up bits of tissue, then coated the top of each piece in MakeupPlus liquid latex, and applied it over the line I drew across the centre of my face, making sure my pieces vary in size and shape as we want this to appear random. Once it was in place, I put a bit more Liquid Latex along the top to secure it. Make sure there is no latex securing the bottom of your tissue, we want this to be loose.

6. We now need to make this the same colour as our skin to create a more realistic effect. I applied a small amount of my Revolution Foundation Stick to the tissue, but this doesn't quite cut it as it's being applied onto bright white tissue, so it will appear lighter than it does on skin. To fix this, i set the foundation with my theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer to deepen the shade so it blends in a little more seamlessly with the rest of my face.

7. The final (and my favourite) step - blood! I used the MakeupPlus Thick Stage Blood as it still runs and creates realistic looking drops, but very slowly as it is a much thicker consistency. I used a brush to apply generous amounts under the loose parts of the tissue & latex, allowing it to drip down my face.

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