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Have I Found The Perfect Dewy Foundation?

Posted on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 - By Gemma

In my daily life, I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination. However when it comes to my makeup? I know what I like, and I don't want to settle for anything less.

When we first decided to bring in the brand "Velvet Concepts" last year, my eyes were instantly drawn to the product called "Summer Skin Foundation". When I think of Summer Skin, I think of glowing, healthy looking skin which is exactly what I like. I've tried to hop on board the full coverage, matte train but it's just not for me and my very dry skin. The brand then unfortunately experienced a multitude of delays which only fueled my desire to try the product. After months and months of waiting, the day arrived.  Summer had well and truly passed, but I could finally get the Summer Skin i'd been dreaming of.

I worried that I'd hyped up this product far too much in my head and there was no way it could live up to the expectations i'd created for it but oh boy, my expectations were not only met, but also exceeded.

The Summer Skin Foundation leaves the skin looking fresh and dewy without any shimmer, or causing you to look oily and greasy. While i expected a light coverage, it definitely provides a solid medium coverage that can be built up to full, and still allows your complexion to look skin-like and not overdone. It glides effortlessly over my dry skin and doesn't sink into my fine lines, or cling to any drier patches.

After putting almost every tester on my face (which are out in our Wellington store if you're wanting to come in and view the brand in all it's glory), I ended up purchasing a few other products that I feel deserve an honorable mention in this blog post, as I haven't put them down since. I had to pick up a Creme Blush as i'm a big fan of the natural glow cream products provide the skin with, and I was not disappointed. I chose the shade "Amaretto" which goes on the skin as a warm earthy toned nude. I found this shade gives a really natural flushed look to the skin, and pairs perfectly with super bronzey looks which is what I typically go for.0I've also started using the Undereye Brightening Corrector before my concealer as I find I don't need to apply as much heavy concealer, meaning i can avoid caking up the delicate undereye area with excessive product. I've also started applying the Lip Prep+ Intensive Lip Repair Mask every night and found that 1. It smells and tastes like delicious cupcakes, and 2. It's really helped with the hydration, and smoothness of my lips.

The Glow Dome is their newest launch that I've also been trying out recently. It's a cream highlighter in a super easy to use stick form. It provides a gorgeous glow to the skin without being sticky or tacky. I'm really enjoying it and definitely recommend giving it a go if you're wanting to try out a cream highlighter, but aren't sure where to start.

If you only take one thing away after reading this post, please make sure it's that although Velvet Concepts is a new brand on the scene, it's worth giving a go and if you're anything like me, the products will end up taking up a permanent spot in your makeup bag.

PS- I've put together a little list of all the products I used in these photos, just in case you wanted to know about some more Beauty Bliss products I love!

Velvet Concepts Summer Skin Foundation shade Chai

Australis Fresh & Flawless Concealer shade Natural

Velvet Concepts Glow Dome shade Joy

Velvet Concepts Creme Blush shade Amaretto

Wet n Wild Ultimate Micro Brow Pencil shade Ash Brown

xoBeauty Heaps of Sweets Palette

xoBeauty Lipstick shade Deja Vu


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