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I tried 5 makeup TikTok hacks to see if they actually worked

Posted on Thursday, 26 August 2021 - By Amelia

Let me set the scene. Its level 4 lockdown. I am bored and my screen-time is at an all time high (notifications are now turned OFF thank you very much Apple). Many days have I fallen down the TikTok blackhole where I have found myself learning dances, trying obscure food combinations and adding information to my bank of pretty much useless trivia knowledge that will never see the light of day. However, some good has come from the hours of scrolling - I have stumbled across SO many beauty hacks that I knew I just had to try some. I have picked the five hacks I thought might have the most success (and be the most useful) to try, and thought I would share the results with all of you!

Soap Brows

This is a hack I have seen ALL over the internet and so I knew I needed to try it immediately. Light, feathery brows are currently a huge trend and this hack supposedly achieves that exact look by using a regular bar of soap?! No need to spend up large on fancy brow products when you can just use the soap in the cupboard at home.


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♬ Lpb Poody - Address It - 헦헮혃헶헻헮✨

The Ingredients:

  • Bar of solid soap (I used the Faith in Nature Grapefruit Soap Bar which smelt AMAZING)
  • Brow spoolie (I used the Carousel Cosmetics Dual Ended Brow Brush)
  • A brow pencil to fill in any gaps (I used the LA Girl Cosmetics Shady Slim Brow Pencil in the shade 'Soft Brown')

    The Method:
  • Spritz water onto your soap bar to dampen (yuck word, I am sorry)
  • Rub your spoolie against the wet soap bar until it gets foamy
  • Brush the spoolie through your brows until the desired result is achieved
  • Fill in any gaps in brows using your brow pencil
    The Result:
    AMAZING! Soap brows receive a big tick from me. My brows were so feathery and full after this hack, they hardly needed any filling in. The picture on the right above is the after result BEFORE I had filled my brows in! Incredible. Thank you TikTok for this hack.

    Do It Again?
    Heck yes! I would 10/10 recommend trying this hack because it only uses products you most likely have in the house and was so easy! My only slight concern was that when my brows dried, they went a little cakey as the soap re-solidified. My advice would be to make sure you only have a small amount of product on the spoolie before brushing through your brows to avoid this.

    Red Lipstick As Blush

    I think this is the hack I was the most scared to try because it looked messy. Instead of using your typical blush, this hack suggests you can use your favourite red lipstick! Hmmmm ok, let's give it go.


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♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus - Kiersten

The Ingredients:

  • Your favourite red bullet lipstick (I used the Eye of Horus Bio Lipstick in the shade 'Vesta Red')
  • Concealer, contour and foundation

    The Method:
  • Swipe a generous amount of red lipsticks across cheeks, nose and forehead
  • Blend with a fluffy brush
  • Apply concealer & contour as you usually would and blend
  • Apply foundation and blend over whole face
    The Result:
    Ummmmmm WHAT? In the beginning stages of the process, I looked like a little lobster who had spent far too much time in the sun. But then I added my concealer, contour and foundation and something magical happened. It actually worked?? This gave me the nicest rosey glow all over, leaving me look slightly sunkissed and very much alive.

    Do It Again?
    This hack definitely works, but tbh, it's way more admin than just applying regular blush and is a complete nightmare to take off so I will not be attempting this again. My advice? Just buy yourself a blush!

    Eyeshadow Lipgloss

    This TikTok hack claims that you can take any eyeshadow and with using a natural lip balm, turn it into your perfect lipgloss. I am completely unsure as to whether it is safe to put eyeshadow anywhere near your mouth, but thought I would nevertheless give it a go.


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♬ original sound - Mireya Rios

The Ingredients:

  • Any eyeshadow in the shade you want on your lips (I used the shade "Admire" from the Thin Lizzy Triple Effect Warm Palette)
  • A natural lip balm (I used the Burt's Bees Vanilla Lip Balm because it's my fave)

    The Method:
  • With a finger, gather a decent amount of your desired eyeshadow and swatch it on the back of your hand
  • Using the lip balm, swipe it through the swatched eyeshadow until the eyeshadow residue sticks to the balm
  • Apply onto your lips and you're good to go!
    The Result:
    Big nope. I had difficulty getting the eyeshadow to stick to the lip balm, and when I applied it to my lips, the tint was minimal and super blotchy. My boyfriend even asked me what I hadn't wiped the food from around my mouth - it just looked grotty. AND to cap it all off, it ruined my lip balm by making it a weird splotchy orange colour that looks so unappealing.

    Do It Again?
    Hard pass. Save yourself time, a lip balm and a potential poisoning by skipping this hack. Lip gloss was invented for a reason, and so I think I will be sticking to real deal.

    Bobby-Pin Eyeliner

    Creating the perfect winged eyeliner on both eyes is an absolute nightmare for me. I only wear eyeliner on rare occasions because the amount of meltdowns I have had over applying it is unreal. I crossed my fingers (and my toes) that this bobby-pin eyeliner hack would work as it promises to give you a guide for a flawless cat-eyed look.


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♬ оригинальный звук - Kravchenko Anna

The Ingredients:

  • 1 bobby pin
  • Your favourite liquid eyeliner (I used the Makeup Revolution Thick and Thin Dual Liquid Eyeliner)

    The Method:
  • Coat one side of the end of your bobby pin with liquid eyeliner
  • Press the bobby-pin liner-side-down in the place you want the wing of your liner to end
  • Using the imprinted guide, fill in the wing to your desired thickness
  • Repeat on the other side
    The perfect winged eyeliner! The hack worked even for this eyeliner rookie - wahoo!! The liner was even on both sides and the shape was SO nice. You've gotta work quick to avoid the liner from drying on the bobby pin, but it's overall a great hack that produces boss results.

    Do It Again?
    Absolutely, but only when I am wanting a bold liner look as the imprint was quite wide - perhaps would be different if I used a smaller bobby-pin. Definitely one to try a few times before wearing out as it can be a little messy but like anything, practice makes perfect.

    Backwards Foundation

    This hack really confused me because it went against everything I know and love. As the name implies, this hack recommends you do your foundation routine backwards; powder comes first, foundation comes last - confusing I know. The hack claims that this order will result in the perfect matte finish and last for hours. Amazing if it works, disappointing if it doesn't.


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♬ original sound - Jarida

The Ingredients

  • Hydrating moisturiser
  • Loose setting powder (I used the Designer Brands Hydra Set Loose Powder)
  • Setting spray (I used a Wet n Wild Setting Spray)
  • Primer (I used the Thin Lizzy Illuminating Primer for an extra glow)
  • Foundation (I used the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation in the shade 'Soft Beige')

    The Method
  • Apply moisturiser to your face
  • Brush on loose powder all over and set with a generous amount of setting spray
  • Once setting spray is completely dry, apply your primer
  • Once primer is dry, apply foundation
    The Result:
    A flawless, airbrushed matte coverage as promised. I was so surprised that this hack actually worked! My skin felt so smooth when I applied my foundation, and blended so nicely. It was not at all cakey on my skin, and other products could be applied on top of the foundation easily. I wore this foundation for 5 hours and it had not creased or moved at all (as pictured in the third photo). The finish also remained matte even after using an illuminating primer and a dewy foundation which was really surprising. Overall, it's safe to say it was big success.

    Do It Again?
    This is nothing against the hack, but I am a dewy girl at heart, so a matte finish is just not for me. BUT if you are into a matte finish, this hack is definitely for you and for sure worth a try.

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