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Interview with Tailor Skincare: The Story, Tips and more

Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2020 - By Amelia

Tailor Skincare is one of New Zealand's fastest growing skincare brands. With all products being cruelty free and made from natural ingredients which leave skin radiant and at its best, it is of little surprise as to why. We were lucky enough to get an interview with Tailor Skincare, who were able to give us an insight into the story behind the brand, tips and advice and some unique features about the brand itself.

Hi! Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Could you tell us a bit about why and how Tailor Skincare was started?
Tailor was created because we felt deceived by the beauty industry. We no longer had faith in skincare brands that bamboozled us with buzz words and promises of transformative results that failed to deliver. We saw through the smoke and mirrors and took control of our own skin health. Beginning in her kitchen, Sara learned how to make beautiful products from natural ingredients to promote healthy, well-balanced skin. In 2012 we introduced Tailor to the world, which we’re proud to share with you.

What sets Tailor Skin apart from other skincare brands?
All Tailor products are cruelty free, natural and eco conscious, although (thankfully!) this isn't uncommon. What sets Tailor apart is our connection and commitment to our community; our #tailortribe. We Tailor our products to what our community wants to use; we ask them what they want and need, and they test our new products before they're launched.

If you had to choose only one Tailor Skin product, what would it be?
This is a tricky question! We don't like to play favourites but we do really love Renew. Whether the concern is breakouts, ageing, hydration or sensitivity, the probiotic lysate and antioxidant-rich grape seed extract make it a winner for all skin types. It stimulates the skin's natural renewal process; defending, healing and firming. Plus, it's dermatologically tested to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Why is it important to you that you use natural ingredients and maintain a cruelty free policy?
The skin is the body's largest organ so it makes sense to feed it with natural ingredients that do no harm to our health or to others (our furry friends). We source ingredients from nature that work in synergy with the skin’s natural process to renew, detoxify and brighten. Our natural active ingredients are effective in nurturing, nourishing and protecting your skin.

Could you tell us a bit more about The Tailor Fund?
We believe skin health is more than skin deep so in 2017 created The Tailor Fund where we take a cut of our revenue every week to support mental health and wellbeing in New Zealand. Last year, we used the Tailor Fund to support an epic Changemaker as voted for by our community. We were excited to donate a $2,000 grant to The Good Fund, an initiative with the goal of putting an end to period poverty.

Tailor Skin has come a long way from where you first started, with it now being stocked in many NZ retail stores (Beauty Bliss included), having a huge social media presence and winning awards for several of your products. Would you have any advice to someone wanting to start a flourishing business of their own?
Do it because you love it. It won't always be easy but if you love what you do then it'll be worth it.

Where would you like to see Tailor Skin going in the next few years?
We want to educate New Zealand (and beyond!) and empower them to make the switch to natural, in all areas of life. We want to create and develop more innovative, science-driven gems and continue to nourish and foster our epic #tailortribe community.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Throughout these crazy times, we hope everyone will choose to #supportlocal and remember to take some time out daily for their skincare - because skincare is selfcare!

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