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Introducing Bahama Bod

Posted on Tuesday, 7 December 2021 - By Amelia

Our newest self-tanning brand is here to make an entrance!
Providing you with streak-free, delicious smelling tan, what's not to love?

My Bahama Bod Experience

When I am going out, I LOVE my fake tan. It makes me feel amazing and gives me that body confidence boost that some days I just really need. But often, the tan process is a bit daunting: there is the stress of applying it streak-free to avoid looking like a not-so-cute tiger; you have to commit to a few hours chilling nudey rudey in fear of staining any sheets, clothing or furniture; and you know your room is going to smell like tan + chemicals for the foreseeable future.

At least, that was my experience until I tried Bahama Bod. I immediately fell in love with aesthetic pink packaging and was intrigued by the promise of a streak-free, actually nice smelling tan experience! Too good to be true? I just had to try it. The mousse comes out beautifully in the pump (an easy to use light-weight foam) and smelt deliciously like melons. It glided easily onto my skin, was super hydrating (but not at all sticky), and has a colour guard which I love because if you miss any spots, you can tell straight away! After about 5 minutes my skin was dry enough that I felt confident to get dressed (at least into dark clothes).

Thanks to the green base of the tan, the colour deepened into a gorgeous golden bronze (no orange as claimed) and resulted in a colour that was extremely close to my natural tan colour. Now let me tell you, this tan is here to stay - it honestly lasted an entire week. It washed out beautifully and faded gradually + evenly - something other tans have failed to do in the past. In summary? Bahama Bod is hands down one of the nicest fake tans I have ever used. It's affordable, high-quality and applies like an absolute dream.


Bahama Bod is our newly acquired tan company. It was founded in 2019 in New Zealand, and was taken over by Beauty Bliss this year in 2021. As per the Beauty Bliss philosophy, all Bahama Bod products are, cruelty-free + vegan, paraben-free and made of ingredients that are kind to skin.

Bahama Bod is the solution to many lovers’ wishes because it:

  1. Doesn’t leave you orange
  2. Doesn’t stain your clothes + sheets + anything else you happen to touch
  3. Doesn’t smell awful!!
Yep, you read that right - the only scent here will be the delicious smell of melons!! The Bahama Bod range is comprised of the Original and Express tans, a self-tan eraser and two tanning mitts.


The Original Tanning Mousse is the most popular fake tan in the Bahama Bod range (and my personal favourite). Featuring the signature Bahama Bod melon scent, the formula is infused with aloe vera, natural emollients & natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly tanned skin every time.

The tan comprises colour guide technology which ensures for streak-free application the first time around. The formula is fast drying, lightweight and scented of melons. It leaves behind no traces of orange, and no unpleasant self-tan smell.
The Self-Tanning Mousse comes in 4 shades: Light; Medium; Dark; and Ultra Dark, meaning you are bound to find your perfect shade within the range. Like any other tan, the longer you leave it on, the darker the tan will develop.


If you are anything like me and are impatient, easily distracted and often in a hurry, the Express Tanning Mousse is for you. The Express Tanning Mousse is just about to be re-launched, with the perfected formula now coming in beautiful new packaging.

Compared to the Self Tanning Mousse, the Express Tanning Mousse works a lot faster, with only 3-4 hours needed before it has fully developed into a flawless looking tan. Unlike the original Tanning Mousse, the Express is scented with a subtle baby powder fragrance rather than the signature melon.

The Express Tan is also enriched with natural emollients, nourishing aloe vera, and natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly tanned skin, every time, and contains the same colour guide technology for flawless application.

The Express Tan comes in only two shades: Medium; and Dark, so you can choose the deepness and colour of your tan.


The Bahama Bod Range also includes two mitts and a Self-Tan Preparation & Eraser.

The Bahama Bod Self Tan Preparation & Eraser is a revolutionary multi-purpose product that not just removes self-tanning but prepares the skin for new application of self-tanning mousse. It is gentle on skin (no harsh exfoliation is required) and moisturises skin leaving it soft and smooth.

The Value Mitt & the Luxury Mitt are reusable tanning mitts that offer users a streak-free, flawless tanning experience. The Luxury Mitt is higher quality than the Value Mitt (so will last you longer) and comes in a re-usable plastic bag that makes for easy storage. Both mitts however distributes tan evenly, protect hands from staining, and can be hand-washed and re-used, giving you the perfect tan every time.

Bahama Bod is committed to the #loveyourbod movement, firmly believing that EVERY body is a beach body. It is a brand that seeks to empower those who use it by providing users with the most beautiful tan, so that skin is always looking its absolute best.

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