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Introducing Mermade Hair

Posted on Thursday, 28 January 2021 - By Amelia

About the Brand

Mermade Hair is an Australian founded brand, dedicated to making game-changing hair tools. Their products help you achieve on-trend celebrity inspired styles and professional results in the matter of minutes - it's so easy. The Mermade Hair philosophy is to feel good on the inside and out - and perfectly styled, gorgeous wavy hair is a great place to start. Beginning with the Original Waver (which broke the internet when it was released), Mermade Hair has since continued to advance their technology and the Waver (now called the Pro Waver) has been joined by other styling tools, accessories and hair products. Mermade Hair is now one of the hottest and fastest selling hair brands across the globe and is used in professional salons and by celebrity stylers. So, let's get to know the range!

The Mermade Hair Waver

The Mermade Hair Wavers are your solution to shiny, even and bouncy waves in seconds. If you have struggled to curl and wave your hair in the past, this is your dream product. The waver has three barrels and works like a clamp. Simply press down on the lever to open, place your hair in the middle, and clamp. Hold your hair in place for 2-5 seconds, and then release. Repeat this down the entire length of your hair, and behold: instant, perfect waves - it's never been so simple. The smaller the section of hair you use, the more defined the waves will be.

At Beauty Bliss, we stock two versions of the waver: the Pro Waver , and the Pro Mini Waver. The main difference between the two versions is the size of the barrels and the weight. The Pro Waver has 32mm barrels - perfect if you are wanting softer, larger waves. The Pro Mini Waver has 25mm barrels - making it ideal if you are wanting tighter, smaller waves - and it is half the weight of the Pro Waver, ideal for travelling.
The Pro Waver is also available in the Hair Wave Kit. The Kit contains the Pro Waver, a pink transparent beach tote, an acetate pink shell wave comb and a large acetate claw clip. This is the perfect way to get not only your waver, but a selection of accessories to help you style.

Whilst Mermade Hair Wavers are suitable for hair of any thickness, they will not work well on very curly hair. If you do have curly hair, it is recommended that you blow-dry your hair or straighten it before using the Waver. The Wavers will also only work for hair that is at least ear length, so it is not compatible with shorter hair styles. As the temperature is adjustable, the Wavers can be used on coloured hair, although patch testing and low heat is advised. The high-grade ionic ceramic barrels protect your hair from unnecessary damage, and seals cuticles, infuses moisture, eliminates frizz and create shine. And, if you forget to turn the Waver off, it automatically shuts off after an hour of non-use.

The Hair Dryer

The Mermade Hair Dryer is your answer to creating a flawless blowout. It uses ionic airflow technology to increase moisture retention, protecting your hair from long term damage. The Hair Dryer is a powerful 1800W and has two speed settings - the faster speed for if you're in a rush, and the slower speed for regular/defusing drying.The Mermade Hair Dryer has three heat settings: 96°C, 106°C and 116°C, making it suitable for all hair types. It also comes with two concentrator attachments, one slightly bigger than the other. You can additionally buy a diffuser attachment head that fits onto the dryer for the ultimate hair drying experience.

Styling Products + Accessories

As well as their incredible tool range, Mermade Hair also offers a range of products and accessories to further your styling experience. These are designed specifically to use with the Mermade Hair styling tools, so will give you the ultimate styling experience.

The Mermade Hair Quick Dry & Detangle Brush is a heat resistant paddle brush. The brush has a quick dry design, flexible bristles for detangling, and is designed specifically for brushing out waves and curls.

The Mermade Hair Mist is a game-changing heat protection spray with so many additional benefits. It defines and contours curls and waves (bye bye drop out), aids hair manageability, combats frizz, and leaves hair glossy, hydrated, shiny and sleek. It is a paraben, sulphate, DEA and curelty free formula, designed to reduce hair breakage by 75% when styled at 230⁰C.
The Mermade Hair Grip Clips are your best friend when it comes to sectioning and separating your hair, making for easy blow drying, crimping, clamping and curling. Unlike other grip clips, these are lightweight (they won't leave kinks in your hair) and have a firm hold, so won't move unless you want them to. They are soft to touch, and come in a pack of four.

The Mermade Diffuser is the Mermade Hair Dryer's perfect partner. Simply attach the diffuser to your ionic Mermade Hair Dryer to evenly distribute heat throughout your hair. Curls and waves are enhanced, frizz is prevented and hair is bouncy.

The Heat Mat + Clutch comes in two colours: Pink and Black. It provides perfect storage for your Waver and makes travelling with it super easy. The detachable safety mat protects your precious surfaces from heat and can be used with any hot tools.
Mermade Hair is a brand dedicated to helping you achieve perfectly styled hair, while optimising hair health at the same time. The Mermade Hair styling tools are your solution to creating gorgeous waves and blowouts every time, in the matter of minutes. The hair styling products and accessories in the Mermade Hair range help protect your hair and your Mermade Hair tools, giving you the ultimate styling experience. So what are you waiting for - give the range a go!
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