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Introducing Our Carousel Perfume Oils

Posted on Friday, 12 April 2024 - By Toni

Our Perfume Oils are like bottled dreams, ready to embrace your skin. In a convenient roller ball bottle, they're designed to go wherever you go, ensuring you're ready for any spontaneous adventure.


Inspired by Ariana Grande Cloud

Get ready to dance through a meadow of scent with 'Flora' by Carousel.

At the very top, you'll be greeted by a fresh breeze of lavender, the juicy sweetness of pear, and a burst of zesty bergamot. As you twirl deeper into the fragrance, imagine indulging in a delightful treat - with whipped cream, praline, and the tropical allure of coconut, all beautifully blended with the sweetness of vanilla orchid. And as the dance continues, the musk and woody notes provide the perfect grounding to this enchanting scent.



Inspired by REPLICA By the Fireplace - Maison Margiela

Introducing 'Fire' by Carousel, the scent that's set to ignite your senses and turn heads wherever you go.

With top notes of cloves, playful pink pepper, and the sweet embrace of orange blossom, it's like a burst of excitement in every drop. As the heart notes chime in, you'll experience the warm and nutty charm of chestnut, the woody allure of guaiac wood, and the refreshing touch of juniper. And when it all settles down, the base notes of creamy vanilla, rich Peru Balsam, and the comforting caress of Cashmeran will leave a lasting, cozy impression.



Inspired by Viva La Juicy

Get ready to soar through the endless skies with 'Sky' by Carousel! ☁️✨

At the very top, you'll be greeted by the playful dance of wild berries and the sun-kissed freshness of mandarin orange. As you rise higher into the fragrance, picture strolling through a blooming garden filled with the sweet, enchanting scents of gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine. And as your journey through the clouds continues, let the warm embrace of caramel, praline, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood be your co-pilots, ensuring your voyage is nothing short of extraordinary.



Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Live is a captivating perfume oil that weaves a fragrant story of vitality and intrigue. This alluring scent is carefully crafted to awaken your senses and accompany you on your daily adventures.

Top Notes: Dive into the fragrance journey with a burst of freshness, where the vivacious blend of black currant, pear, green mandarin zest, and citruses invigorates your spirit.

Heart Notes: As the scent unfolds, let the enchanting heart notes of jasmine tea, orange blossom, and coffee embrace your senses, creating a warm and inviting bouquet that's both soothing and enticing.

Base Notes: 'Live' reaches its crescendo with the grounding base notes of white musk and white wood, leaving a subtle yet memorable trail that lingers throughout the day.

Our Perfume Oils are the real deal – pure, safe for your skin, and always ready for action. The 10ml glass roller ball packaging makes 'Live' by Carousel the perfect on-the-go companion, fitting effortlessly in your handbag.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can 'Live' a little extra? Grab your bottle, and let's turn up the volume on life's epic playlist!


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