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Introducing: Salt by Hendrix

Posted on Thursday, 19 August 2021 - By Amelia

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To celebrate the launch of Salt by Hendrix Skincare on Beauty Bliss, we're offering up a prize pack with 7 of our favourites from the range. To be in to win, simply purchase anything from Salt by Hendrix on Beauty Bliss and you're in the draw! You have up until midnight Thursday 9th September 2021 (NZ time). Winner will be announced on this page. Prize is non-transferrable and includes courier delivery to your chosen address in New Zealand / Australia.

Salt by Hendrix Skincare is a brand I am SO excited to have now stocked at Beauty Bliss. Not only do the products look stunning (I mean, you only need to check out their range of oils to see this), but it is a brand founded on an ethos I genuinely believe in. Dedicated to sustainability, accessibility, and producing high-quality luxe products, Salt by Hendrix is a brand I am here to support!

About Salt by Hendrix Skincare

Salt by Hendrix Skincare is a Sydney-based company dedicated to conscious Australian-made beauty, creating premium quality and ethically sustainable products. Each product contains carefully selected plant-based ingredients, giving you incredibly effective results that are kind to the face, body, soul and environment. Many key ingredients feature Australian Native active extracts which are known for their high performance properties. The result is a high quality, luxe line of products, all of which are cruelty free and vegan.

Because sustainability does not just stop at the formula design, the packaging of all Salt by Hendrix products are currently made up of a mix of recyclable glass, and post-consumer recyclable + biodegradable plastics.
Salt by Hendrix is a brand that believes accessibility is key – no one should have to miss out on introducing luxe, high quality botanical skincare, body care and wellness tools into their everyday routines. Because of this, Salt by Hendrix have made a conscious effort to keep their products super affordable without compromising on quality, making their range accessible to everyone.

Currently, the products made by Salt by Hendrix are split into three core collections: the Beauty Tools Range; the Skincare Range; and the Body Care Range. Each range works to compliment the others, meaning Salt by Hendrix can be your one-stop-shop to your every skin and body care need. Each of these ranges will be discussed in more detail below.

The Beauty Tools Range

The Beauty Tool Collection at Salt by Hendrix is your answer to finding your next skincare ride or die product. The range is extensive, covering all your bases from Rose Quarts Gua Sha tools to facial massage rollers. The range is designed to boost the effectiveness of your skincare routine, and contains some products I am desperate to get my hands on – I’ll name a few below.

The Glow Dust Cool Babe Face Massage Tools immediately caught my eye due to their shape. These babies are two round glass beauty tools, designed to be popped in the fridge for an instant cooling effect and to massage in your serums, creams and oils. Bye bye puffy eyes, hello refreshed, calm skin.
The Rose Quartz Gua Sha also stood out to me as a must try product. * FYI: to save you embarrassment, you pronounce this as Go-Sha - fight your Guava pronunciation instincts.* Gua Sha tools are not just the newest trend to hit tiktok, although they have recently become super popular - Gua Sha tools have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to promote skin health, so they have years worth of science backing their creation. They basically work as a gentle massaging tool that awakens tired facial and neck muscles, promotes circulation and assists with the penetration of skincare products into the skin.

The Skincare Range

Salt by Hendrix’s facial skincare collection offers everything from oil and gel cleansers to brightening serums, lovingly rich facial oils, detoxifying clay masks, and balancing tonics.

The products from the skincare range that I am particularly keen to try are the two cleansers, the Aurora Face Crème, the Mermaid Oil and the Amethyst Face Masque.


The Oil and Gel Face Cleaners effectively remove makeup, excess oil and impurities from the face. The result after use is clean skin that bears no sign of irritation.

Being a BIG fan of oil cleansers, I am super excited to try their oil cleanse. I find oil cleanses to be extra hydrating and nourishing for my skin compared to gel cleansers, which is especially important during the colder seasons where I find my skin getting a bit dryer. In saying that, for those with slightly more problematic and acne prone skin, the gel cleanser (packed with Green Tea, Kale, Broccoli, Chamomile and Finger Lime extract) is the one for you!

These cleansers can also be used one after the other for the ultimate cleansing duo. Alternatively, pair the cleansers with the Stars Align Exfoliating Mask for a deeper, more effective cleaning experience.
The Aurora Face Crème is packed with all those key ingredients, including Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene, giving your skin a hydrating boost. I can definitely see myself using this face cream daily!

The Mermaid Oil again is highly moisturising being rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9. These essential fatty acids lock in moisture, strengthen skin against environmental damage and help rejuvenate your overall complexion – ummm yes please!

The Amethyst Face Masque is a detoxifying clay mask blend containing Dragon Fruit Extract (high in Vitamin C). Kakadu Plum Extract and AHA. Skin is protected against free radicals and complexion is brightened, smoothed and rejuvenated.

The Body Care Range

Finally, the Salt by Hendrix Body Care Range is the most anticipated category by us BB staff that the brand has to offer. One only has to look at these products to understand why – they’re gorgeous! The Body Care Range is designed to help you take your self-care ritual to the next level – treat yourself from head to toe.
Products range from invigorating body polishes and scrubs, hydrating bath soaks, to antioxidant-rich iridescent bath crystals - your skin will really feel the love! The range also consists of an extensive selection of botanic body oils - choose from oils designed to add shimmer and brightness, to those which are deeply nourishing and rich.

The Dream Body Oil

There are SO many body products I am wanting to try, but the Dream Body Oil has to be at the top. This is one of those products where you’re better to ask what it can’t do than what it can – use it directly on skin, on hair, or add it to your bath for full body skin enrichment.

The Dream Body Oil looks like it will make all your hydration dreams come true, containing (to name a few) Grapeseed, Coconut, Camellia and Jojoba oils, alongside Globosa and Jasmine Flowers - most of which are moisture rich substances. Unlike other oils, the Dream Body Oil claims to be super fast absorbing, so won’t leave you greasy all day - we love to see it!

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What is This Brand All About?
Salt by Hendrix Skincare is a sustainable, vegan, cruelty free Australian brand. They are dedicated to producing ethical products that are sourced with only the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients.

What Kind of Products Can I Get From Salt by Hendrix?
Salt by Hendrix has three core collections in their range: the Body Tools Range; the Skincare Range; and the Body Care Range. You can basically get all your skincare and bodycare needs from Salt by Hendrix.

Do you need to try this range?
Heck yes! All the products look absolutely gorgeous and if the reviews are anything to go by, they seem as though they work a treat!

What do you need to try first?
Tbh anything (you can't really go wrong), but I will be getting my hands on the Aurora Face Crème and the The Dream Body Oil ASAP.
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