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Jeffree Star Cosmetics FAQs

Posted on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 - By Toni

Questions we frequently receive about Jeffree Star Cosmetics:

Are your Jeffree Star Cosmetics products authentic?

Yes. All the products from all of our brands are authentic and purchased directly from the brand or their authorized distributors. We are listed on the JSC Official Stockists page as an authorized retailer for New Zealand.

Will you be restocking a particular product or shade?

We frequently restock JSC products and participate in new launches. However if a product you're after was Limited Edition, it's likely that it won't be restocked. However Jeffree does re-release products in core packaging from time-to-time. Please feel free to contact us via email or Live Chat if you'd like to ask about a particular product.

Can I buy Jeffree Star products in store?

Yes! All of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics products on our website are also available to test and purchase at our Wellington store.

Will you be selling Jeffree Star clothing?

We don't have plans to sell clothing, we recommend buying these items direct from

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