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Revolution Fast Base Foundation

Posted on Sunday, 27 May 2018 - By Toni

UPDATE: These products have now arrived in store. Shop here

So Revolution have done what we've all been wishing for: released a stick foundation! With a price tag that totally feels like you're saving money by spending it, what's not to love? They've successfully caught our interest, and now it's time to find out if they live up to the hype.

The Fast Base Foundation boasts a full coverage, easy to apply satiny finish that guarantees maximum satisfaction. As you can see, the shade range extends across the board - and the team has hinted to adding even more in the near future. The foundation first popped up on radars when it caused quite a stir after Instagram star Kadeeja Khan (@emeraldxbeauty) released a video of her trying it on for the first time. Now whilst a ton of products can claim to be full coverage, the harsh truth is that we won't really know until someone without perfect, airbrushed skin tries it out (I'm looking at you, Leighton Meester). Khan's video of her achieving perfect coverage with a few, simple strokes, however, had the beauty world taking a step back.

So Khan's dubbed this stick foundation a "God send," but what about the rest of the world? It turns out there's a pretty wide dome of consensus going on, with people claiming this foundation is an alternative to Hourglass' famous Vanish Seamless Finish foundation stick (sans the hefty price tag). Plus, thanks to the similar packaging, the foundation has also been used as a contour stick. Since it's got a pretty hydrating formula, it works best with dry/normal complexions, but oily/combo skin types shouldn't shy away - all you'll need is a great setting powder and you're on your way

To top all of this off, Revolution have promised us that this must-have is cruelty-free and vegan. Just when we thought they couldn't possibly rope us in further! This brand certainly knows how to outdo themselves. Word on the block is that the official launch video actually cast its diverse range from browsing social media platforms. How cool is that?

The great news for you guys is that The Fast Base Foundation is en route to Beauty Bliss - and that means en route to you, too. We'll have it in store pretty soon, so if you want to grab one ASAP, sign up to our alert list below.

See you soon!


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