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The 7 Best Purple Shampoos For Toning Your Hair 2022

Posted on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 - By Amelia

What is Purpose of Purple Shampoo, and Should I be Using It?

For anyone who has blonde, blonde, platinum, grey, silver of white hair, I am sure you are no stranger to pesky, unwanted yellow, brassy or golden tones. However, such discolouration to hair is pretty much inevitable as everyday activities, including washing your hair, using heated hair styling tools and product build up, all contribute to those unwanted discolourations. This is a problem, as not everyone can afford or has the time to visit the salon every few weeks, and constantly bleaching your hair is not very good for it. And that's where purple shampoo comes in.

The science behind purple shampoo all comes down to your basic colour wheel. The colour wheel sets out pairs of complementary colours which are each other's opposites, so they essentially cancel each other out. Such complementary colours include blue + orange, and purple + yellow. Applying this logic to hair, products containing purple/violet pigmentation and tones would pick up any yellowness in hair, and eliminate it. Perfect, pure blonde tones would be the only thing left behind. And this is exactly what happens. After using purple shampoo, blonde hair is visibly more toned, brightened and with constant use, hair colour can often continue to look salon fresh, allowing you to prolong your visits to the hair salon.

Any good purple shampoo however should not only tone your hair, but also work to repair any damage that may have been caused as a result of hair bleach. So how do you make sure you're buying one of the good ones? Below is a list of my 7 favourite purple shampoos, that all work to tone your hair every single time, while also nourishing, hydrating and restoring hair back to its blonde best.

Olaplex No 4P : The new kid on the block

If you're in desperate need for toning, the newly released Olaplex No 4P is the shampoo for you. Containing highly concentrated purple pigments, this shampoo will tone, cleanse and repair hair, adding necessary hydration from roots to end.

Designed to neutralise brassiness and boost brightness after only one use, this is the ideal shampoo for blondes, greys and those with lightened hair.

My boyfriend's mum is a hair dresser, and this is the toning shampoo she now uses in her salon - we are both OBSESSED with the results of it, and I definitely recommend you give to a try.


Fudge Blonde Damage Rewind : The wallet-friendly staple

If your number one concern is boosting hair health as well as getting that necessary toning, the Fudge Professional Everyday Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Purple Toning Shampoo is a great choice.

Purple micro-pigments instantly cancel out any brassy tones, while Opti-PLEX™ technology penetrates deep into the hair's core, reconstructing bonds that may have been damaged from chemical, styling and/or environmental damage. Hair is left blonder, 95% stronger, and 10x smoother, with double the softness.

Another plus is that Fudge sits at a wallet-friendly price point of only $29.


Fanola No Yellow Shampoo : the cult favourite

Hello ashy goddess! Formulated with a vibrant violet pigment, this shampoo is perfect for cancelling out brass and yellow tones in bleached, blonde, balayage, babylights and grey hair. You may have seen this shampoo all over instagram, but if not, there is proof all over social media that this shampoo really does work. Enriched with rich violet, blue and purple pigments, hair is left with soft, ashy, silver tones.

Being of salon strength, Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is possibly one of the strongest purple shampoos on the market, so do not overtone (leave on for about 1 minute and definitely no more than 5) as it may give your hair a lavender or purple hue, rather than a silver one. Infused with coconut oil for shine + to prevent breakage/split ends, and enriched with hypoallergenic Tiare flower to nourish + seal hair cuticles, hair is left looking and feeling its blonde best.


Interested in Fanola No Yellow and want to find out more? Check out our blog post, Does Fanola 'No Yellow' really work?, which sets out all you need to know.

Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo : The luxe performer

Ideal for fighting brassiness, yellow and orange tones in blonde, lightened brunette, and grey hair using deep violet pigments. Like Fanola, Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo is a professional-strength tone-correcting shampoo, which is going to help you maintain your ideal blonde hair colour between salon appointments.

Results are apparent after only 1 use, and while the sulfate-free formula is powerful and effective, it is still gentle, cleansing without drying, and contains ArganID™ to help repair hair from the inside out.

Plus, we often have a gift-with-purchase running with Moroccanoil. Check our Offers page for the latest.


Keratin Complex Blondeshell : the science-backed strengthener

Keratin Complex Blondeshell Debrass Shampoo is designed to maintain brightness, while banishing any unwanted brassiness - all that is left behind are perfect, pure blonde hues.

This shampoo is packed to the brim with a blend of vitamins, amino acids and hydrolysed keratin proteins. This powerful combination works to increases hair strength and resilience, leaving hair looking and feeling its best after use.

The Keratin Complex blonde shampoo comes in two sizes including a big 1litre salon-sized version.


HH Simonsen Anti-Yellow Shampoo : the hairdresser endorsed

Luxury products designed by hairdressers: HH Simonsen know what they're doing. Bottles that look gorgeous in your shower are having a major moment too - HH have you covered with this protective and nourishing shampoo that is ideal for anyone with blonde or grey/ice blonde hair.

Using a combination of blue, violet and green pigments, yellow pigments are successful eliminating everything single time, while hair colour is additionally protected from unnecessary fading. Keratin and oils infuse the formula, which work to nourish, strengthen and moisturise hair. Perfect for pre-longing and maintaining hair colour between salon visits.


ALURAM Purple Shampoo : the Clean Beauty favourite

The best shampoo for banishing brass while boosting brightness in blonde, grey, and white hair. This highly pigmented shampoo brings out your best blonde while enhancing highlights & colour.

Free of all nasties (including sulfates, silicone, gluten, + parabens) and infused with Rose Hip & Bioten, Aluram Purple Shampoo replenishes nutrients, adds shine and strength, making it suitable for all hair types. Perfect for prolonging trips to the salon and maintaining hair colour after any lightening services, this purple shampoo will give you the results you've always been wanting.


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