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Welcoming the New GHD Max

Posted on Thursday, 4 February 2021 - By Amelia

GHD has recently re-released their GHD Max hair straightener and it has come back with a vengeance. Equipped with better technology and a sleek new design, the new GHD Max can half your styling time, reduce frizz and increase hair shine. So, let's dive in to the details!

GHD's Widest Plated Hair Straighter

The GHD Max is GHD's widest plated hair straightener. Each plate is 1.65 inches (~42mm) wide, making it suitable to tackle all hair types without the need for extreme and damaging heat. For those with thick, long or curly hair types where regular straighteners just don't cut it, the Max is for you. Because the plates are 70% wider compared to your average straightener, there is a greater surface area applied to hair in each stroke, which can half your styling time. The plates are gloss coated to eliminate frizz and enhance hair shine, giving hair an overall healthier appearance after use.

Better Advanced Technology

The new Max has upgraded, advanced technology compared to its predecessor. Previously, the Max had ceramic heat technology. This has been replaced with improved dual heat technology, a patented heater system containing two new generation heat sensors (one on each plate). The heat system guarantees a temperature of 185°C is maintained consistently across both plates of the straightener, ensuring that each stroke leaves behind even, consistent results. 185°C is the optimum styling temperature, giving perfect results without doing excess damage to hair. After use, hair has up to 80% more shine, up to 2x less frizz (compared to naturally dried hair) and the resulting finish is long-lasting.

Sleek New Design

It is not only new technology that the new Max has, but also a sleeker design. The Max now has smooth, contoured plates that glide effortlessly through hair. The new curved edges of the straightener provide for a snag free styling experience, and give you increased flexibility with how you style - easily achieve glass like straight hair, or loose natural looking waves.

Extra Features

Like most GHD products, the GHD Max also includes all those features that enhance your styling experience. The GHD Max heats up in 30 seconds, and turns off after 30 minutes of non-use, so you never have to worry if you've turned it off or not after styling. It has universal voltage and a professional 2.7m salon length cable, allowing you to style where ever you go. A hair straightener like the Max is a long-term investment, and GHD acknowledges this by providing a 2 year manufactures warranty. The Max comes in a matte black finish and includes a heat protection guard to protect all your precious surfaces and aid with travel.


So, basically, the GHD Max has some of the best technology GHD has to offer, is a sleeker design than ever before, and the wide plates make it suitable for all hair types. It is a styler that gives you styling flexibility, and helps you achieve flawless results in half the time. Hair after use is shinier and smoother, and the results are long lasting. The GHD Max is a styler designed specially for you to make your life easier - it has all those little features that give you the optimum styling experience. If you have been wanting a new straightener, the GHD Max is certainly worth trying.

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