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Which GHD hair straightener is best?

Posted on Saturday, 1 May 2021 - By Amelia

GHD has consistently reined supreme when it comes to their hair styling tools. In their core straightening range, there are 3 main straighteners to choose from: the ghd original (originally called IV); the ghd gold; and the ghd platinum+.

This guide sets out the differences between each straightener, so you can be certain that your GHD purchase is right for you.

Heating Technology

Heating technology is basically the brains behind the straightener - it's what makes it work. The better the heating technology, the better the result.

The Original (was called ghd IV styler)
The original uses ceramic technology with one sensor on one plate. The result is sleek, smooth and straightened hair that lasts.

The Gold
While the original has only one sensor, the gold uses dual-zone technology with two new generation sensors - one on each plate. The two sensors work together to achieve a more consistent heat over the entire length of each plate, meaning you are able to achieve your desired result faster and with less hair breakage compared to using the original.

The Platinum+
The platinum+ has the most advanced heating technology out of all of the straighteners. It uses predictive technology which guarantees even heat across the whole plate. This allows for consistent results in every stroke and enables you to create your desired look with speed at no harmful cost to hair.


The design of the straightener includes the overall look, the hinge and the plates. Much like the heating technology, the more advanced the design, the greater the results and flexibility to achieve multiple looks with the single styler.

The Original
The original has floating plates which give the user extra control while styling. It has a round barrel which enhances the ability of the straightener to create perfect curls as well as straighten, without any snagging. The original comes in a black finish only.

The Gold
The gold has smooth, contoured floating plates - a step up from the original. These plates allow the straightener to glide even more easily through hair, eliminate frizz and give hair that extra salon shine. Like the original, the gold also has a round barrel so can be used for hair curling, and comes in a black finish only.

The Platinum+
One step up again, the platinum+ has advanced, precision milled, floating plates with a high spec gloss finish. The result is effortless styling, increased shine, and smooth, flawless hair. Unlike the original and the gold, the platinum+ has a unique wishbone hinge. The wishbone hinge makes for perfect plate alignment, and it gives you a greater ability to create any style with added control compared to your average hair straightener. The platinum+ also comes in two different finishes: black; and white.

Other Differences

The original heats up relatively quickly, the gold heats up fast, and the platinum+ faster still. If you are wanting the most time efficient straightener, even it is just a few more minutes, the platinum+ is the one for you.

Whilst the original and gold hair straighteners come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, the platinum+ comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. This gives you an extra year's worth of security when purchasing - important as hair straighteners of GHD quality are long-term investments.

Heat Resistant Plate
The gold and platinum+ straighteners also come with a heat resistant plate guard giving you flexibility as to when and where you use your styler - the original does not.


All three straighteners come with a professional length 2.7m cable so you can style almost anywhere.

Universal Voltage
Each has universal voltage, meaning they are hair straighteners you can safely travel with all around the world.

Automatic Sleep Mode
All the hair straighteners also have automatic sleep mode, so after 30 minutes of non-use the straightener will turn off automatically. This feature means you will always have peace of mind once you have finished styling.

So, in summary, the ghd platinum+ is the most innovative and modern straightener in the GHD range and comes with all the bells and whistles. It has the best, most advanced heating technology and plate design, a unique wishbone hinge for diverse styling, includes a heat resistant protective plate guard, a three year manufacturers warranty and comes in two different colours.

The ghd original straightener on the other end is your basic but effective straightener - it will still give you flawless result, but perhaps not as quickly as the platinum+ and may result in slightly more hair breakage. Finally, the ghd gold sits right in the middle of the two, having more advanced technology than the original, but less than the platinum+.

Hair Type All hair types All hair types All hair types
Heating Technology Ceramic (1 sensor) Dual-zone technology - 2 new generation sensors, 1 in each plate Ultra-zone with predictive technology - 2 Infinity sensors to strengthen, protect and add shine to hair
Temperature 185°C - very safe for hair 185°C - optimum temperature and safer for hair with even & consistent heat distribution guaranteed 185°C - optimum temperature and safer for hair with even & consistent heat distribution guaranteed
Styling Speed Medium Fast Very Fast
Plates Floating plates - easy to glide through hair Smooth, contoured floating plates - give hair a golden gloss finish and enable snag-free styling Advanced, precision milled plates - allow for effortless styling and leave hair perfectly smooth with an ultra gloss coating
Colour Black Black Black or White
Design Round barrel for improved curling Round barrel for improved curling + improved ergonomics for better handling Round barrel for improved curling + improved ergonomics for better handling + wishbone hinge for perfect plate alignment with better control
Warranty 2 years 2 Years 3 Years
Protective Heat Guard No Yes Yes
Automatic Sleep Mode Yes Yes Yes
Universal Voltage Yes Yes Yes
Professional Length 2.7m Cable Yes Yes Yes
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