Founded by drag superstar Trixie Mattel, Trixie Cosmetics is all about providing pro-level cosmetic products in the vibrant, fun packaging of your favorite childhood toys. When it comes to cosmetics, Trixie’s no dumb blonde. Formulated based on her experience as both a makeup artist and drag queen, these products are the real deal – don’t let the adorable packaging and wallet-friendly prices fool you. Why should your holy-grail makeup products have to come in boring black boxes to be taken seriously? For drag queens and normals alike, Trixie Cosmetics is committed to providing makeup that will make everyone feel like a legend, icon, and star.
Bestie Balm - Marshmallow Bestie Balm - Marshmallow
Just A Girl Blush Palette Just A Girl Blush Palette
Heart Sponge with Case Heart Sponge with Case
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Lip Gloss
Local Celeb Lifesize Lashes Local Celeb Lifesize Lashes
Trixie Lipstick - Stacy (Matte) Trixie Lipstick - Stacy (Matte)
Baby Woman Lip Gloss
Bestie Balm - Strawberry Marg Bestie Balm - Strawberry Marg
B4D GRL Lifesize Lashes B4D GRL Lifesize Lashes
Heart Wallet Heart Wallet
Good Morning Lifesize Lashes Good Morning Lifesize Lashes
Goodnight Lifesize Lashes Goodnight Lifesize Lashes
SAVE $30 Breakup Palette Breakup Palette

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