Created by our favourite beauty guru Shaaanxo, xoBeauty is a high quality makeup range designed to cater for beginners right through to professional makeup artists. Having tried thousands of products, Shannon knows what makes a good product and her brand does not disappoint, we're ecstatic to stock it here at Beauty Bliss!

SAVE $6.40 Dual Paddle Brush
SAVE $3.40 Blender Brush Blender Brush
3 reviews
$17.00 $13.60
SAVE $9 Angled Face Brush Angled Face Brush
SAVE $24 6pc Essential Face Set 6pc Essential Face Set
SAVE $3.80 Lip Detail Brush Lip Detail Brush
SAVE $15.99 5 Piece Blender Eye Set 5 Piece Blender Eye Set
1 review
$79.95 $63.96
SAVE $3.40 Concealer Brush Concealer Brush
2 reviews
$17.00 $13.60
SAVE $15.99 5pc Essential Eye Set 5pc Essential Eye Set
SAVE $11.99 4 Piece Synthetic Eye Set 4 Piece Synthetic Eye Set
2 reviews
$59.95 $47.96
SAVE $3.19 Crease Detail Brush Crease Detail Brush
SAVE $4 Tapered Eye Brush Tapered Eye Brush
1 review
$20.00 $16.00
SAVE $3.80 Angled Eye Brush Angled Eye Brush
SAVE $4 Shimmer Fan Brush Shimmer Fan Brush
1 review
$20.00 $16.00
SAVE $3.40 Pencil Brush Pencil Brush
1 review
$17.00 $13.60
SAVE $4 Bronzer Brush Bronzer Brush
7 reviews
$20.00 $16.00
SAVE $4 Dense Fibre Brush Dense Fibre Brush
SAVE $7 Powder Brush Powder Brush
2 reviews
$27.00 $20.00
SAVE $18 6pc Professional Eye Set 6pc Professional Eye Set
SAVE $3.40 Short Shadow Brush Short Shadow Brush
SAVE $4 Medium Face Brush
SAVE $24 6pc Sculpting Face Set 6pc Sculpting Face Set
SAVE $3.60 Angled Shadow Brush Angled Shadow Brush
SAVE $3.60 Tulip Crease Brush Tulip Crease Brush
SAVE $4.20 Small Face Brush Small Face Brush
SAVE $4.20 Slim Crease Brush Slim Crease Brush
2 reviews
$21.00 $16.80
SAVE $6.40 Jumbo Face Brush Jumbo Face Brush
SAVE $3.80 Dense Shadow Brush Dense Shadow Brush