No makeup collection, no matter how extensive, is complete without the ideal set of brushes. At Beauty Bliss, we’ve got you covered, whether it’s that one, single powder brush you can never seem to find, or entire sets to help you with everything from seamlessly blending contour to adding colour to lids. Our brushes not only vary in style, but be the best they can be economy-wise. From kabuki brushes to highlighting fans, you’re destined to find one made especially for you.
Complete Makeup Brush Set Complete Makeup Brush Set
Dual-Ended Brow Brush Dual-Ended Brow Brush
Perfect Eyes Brush Duo Perfect Eyes Brush Duo
Spoolie Brush Spoolie Brush
Small Angled Brush Small Angled Brush
Perfect Brows Brush Duo
SAVE $6.40 Dual Paddle Brush
SAVE $3.40 Blender Brush Blender Brush
3 reviews
$17.00 $13.60
SAVE $9 Angled Face Brush Angled Face Brush
SAVE $24 6pc Essential Face Set 6pc Essential Face Set
SAVE $3.80 Lip Detail Brush Lip Detail Brush
SAVE $15.99 5 Piece Blender Eye Set 5 Piece Blender Eye Set
1 review
$79.95 $63.96
SAVE $3.40 Concealer Brush Concealer Brush
2 reviews
$17.00 $13.60
SAVE $15.99 5pc Essential Eye Set 5pc Essential Eye Set
SAVE $11.99 4 Piece Synthetic Eye Set 4 Piece Synthetic Eye Set
2 reviews
$59.95 $47.96
SAVE $3.19 Crease Detail Brush Crease Detail Brush
SAVE $4 Tapered Eye Brush Tapered Eye Brush
1 review
$20.00 $16.00
SAVE $3.80 Angled Eye Brush Angled Eye Brush
SAVE $4 Shimmer Fan Brush Shimmer Fan Brush
1 review
$20.00 $16.00
SAVE $3.40 Pencil Brush Pencil Brush
1 review
$17.00 $13.60
SAVE $4 Bronzer Brush Bronzer Brush
7 reviews
$20.00 $16.00
SAVE $4 Dense Fibre Brush Dense Fibre Brush
SAVE $7 Powder Brush Powder Brush
2 reviews
$27.00 $20.00
SAVE $24 6pc Sculpting Face Set 6pc Sculpting Face Set
SAVE $3.60 Angled Shadow Brush Angled Shadow Brush
SAVE $3.60 Tulip Crease Brush Tulip Crease Brush
SAVE $4.20 Small Face Brush Small Face Brush