We've always believed that Men can use any of the products we sell here at Beauty Bliss. Skincare, lipstick, concealer - everything we sell is for everyone. However we get that many of you would like to buy products that have traditionally been marketed specifically towards men - with darker packaging and musky scents, so that's what this category is for. Whether you're after beard oil and cologne, or you're keen to channel your inner @mannymua733, we're here with everything you need xx
Soothing Cleansing Milk Soothing Cleansing Milk
Soap Styler Soap Styler
9 reviews
Thickening Shampoo Thickening Shampoo
4 reviews
Volume Enhancing Foam Volume Enhancing Foam
1 review
Thickening Conditioner Thickening Conditioner
3 reviews
Micellar Mousse™ Micellar Mousse™
Quince Day Cream Quince Day Cream
SAVE $35 Logic Toner (Last one!) Logic Toner (Last one!)
Melissa Day Cream Melissa Day Cream
Brow & Lash Gel Brow & Lash Gel
SAVE $5.90 Revitalising Mask Revitalising Mask
$85.90 $80.00
Clarifying Toner to Balance Oily Skin Clarifying Toner to Balance Oily Skin
Control Flexible Paste Control Flexible Paste
Mega Clear Mascara Mega Clear Mascara
Good Bugger Hand Scrub™️ Good Bugger Hand Scrub™️
Charcoal Black Peel Off Mask
$49.95 - $189.95
Matte Clay Paste Matte Clay Paste
Superior Pomade Superior Pomade
Sea Salt Creme Pomade Sea Salt Creme Pomade
Heavy Hold Pomade Heavy Hold Pomade
Everyday Shampoo Everyday Shampoo
Shaving Cream Shaving Cream