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Welcoming the latest addition to the Carousel Cosmetics family, our purple blender sponge.

Use this sponge to apply and blend liquid and cream products. Latex-free.

Please note that ingredients may change without notice. Please contact us if you wish to confirm the ingredients before purchase.

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Customer Reviews
Average 4.27 (from 11 reviews)
1 month ago
Bought this sponge after Stace on Instagram talked about it. I love it. So soft and does the job. A must buy. Please restock it sooon
1 month ago
Love this sponge. does an amazing job of blending foundation wet or dry and such great value for $10!
4 months ago
LOVE this sponge as a cheaper alternative to Bb - I find it puffs up beautifully when damp and blends great. Will absolutely buy again
6 months ago
I found this sponge and to be awesome for the price. If you’re wanting a good beauty sponge on a budget, I would highly recommend.
8 months ago
This is fabulous, feels wonderful and builds and blends products beautifully. Highly recommend.
11 months ago
This sponge is amazing. A third of a price of a beauty blender but fantastic all the same. Honestly this sponge is wonderful. Feels like a marshmallow and makes that Nikkietutorials sound when I use it. Highly recommended.
1 year ago
When wet the blender is massive and incredibly bouncy which is amazing. It does feel rather dense in the middle which I concerned about, however it gave me a solid grip point which I have found other sponges don't and I really enjoyed this aspect of the sponge! Will be my new go-to blender!
1 year ago
It’s really bouncy and expands a lot, which I like about my sponges, definetly going to get it again. Blends pretty well as well
1 year ago
Got this free with an order- was an okay dupe for BB. The only problem is it soaks up quite a bit of product and the middle is super dense, its weird, and for some reason wont blend properly sometimes. Would rather pay extra for RT sponge ir original BB
2 years ago
Got this for free with an order but was pleasantly surprised at how it blended out foundation. It's a lot more dense than anticipated but when damp, it does get the job done. Compared to a beautyblender, definitely a lot more dense and more difficult to get into little corners (e.g. sides of nose and corner of eyes) but general blending is decent.
2 years ago
I was really glad to find another reasonable sounding dupe for a beauty blender which wasn't $30+ because I hate paying that much for a sponge which ideally should only be used for like 4 months before it gets gross. This is an OK sponge, much better than another $10 one I tried (QVS, don't do it, turn back, it's so bad), but it still needs work. It's weirdly dense in the middle and has a tendency to leave patches of unblended foundation. Still, since MUR's shipping costs got ridiculous, this is the best cheap blender I've tried.
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