Around for 30 years, Australis pride themselves on being 100% cruelty free as well as providing many vegan-friendly products. Their ever-changing range is high quality, affordable and on-trend.
Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder
AJ Clementine Eyeshadow Palette AJ Clementine Eyeshadow Palette
Lip Liner Lip Liner
11 reviews
Metallix Eyeshadows Metallix Eyeshadows
19 reviews
Eyeliner Pencils Eyeliner Pencils
12 reviews
Eyebrow Pencil
12 reviews
AC ON TOUR Powder Contour Kit AC ON TOUR Powder Contour Kit
AC ON TOUR Cream Contour Kit AC ON TOUR Cream Contour Kit
Extender Lash Clear Mascara
Stayput Liner Stayput Liner
3 reviews
Micro Brow Pencil Micro Brow Pencil
6 reviews
20 reviews
Makeup Finishing Spritz Makeup Finishing Spritz
16 reviews
Fire Nights Eyeshadow Palette Fire Nights Eyeshadow Palette
Ready Set Go Pressed Powder
Oh Hai! Brow Kit
10 reviews
Neutralize Nude Eyeshadow Palette Neutralize Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Midas Touch Serum Primer Midas Touch Serum Primer
7 reviews
Liquid Liner Liquid Liner
8 reviews
Cya Later Pores
16 reviews
GRLBOSS Mini Satin Lipstick - Couture GRLBOSS Mini Satin Lipstick - Couture
Metal & Matte Eyeshadow Palette Metal & Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Makeup Primer Spritz Makeup Primer Spritz
1 review
Glamour Eyeshadow Palette Glamour Eyeshadow Palette
GRLBOSS Mini Satin Lipstick - Tailored GRLBOSS Mini Satin Lipstick - Tailored

Australis Cosmetics is proudly 100% Cruelty Free. Their makeup products are high quality, affordable and have absolutely no testing on animals. A large percentage of the Australis range is also Vegan.

Australis have been around for 30 years and love making totally affordable beauty goods that are gorgeous and absolutely luxe. Popular products include the AC ON TOUR Contouring Kit, the Velourlips Range (We love DOO-BAI) and the super cute OH HAI brow kits.

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