The Bonbon Factory is a brand renowned for their products that look and smell so good you want to eat them! Made in New Zealand and priding itself on all products being vegan, cruelty free and using 100% recyclable packaging, the Bonbon Factory is your go to brand for all your skincare and body-care needs.
Makeup Brush Shampoo
Pineapple Crush Gelato Scrub Pineapple Crush Gelato Scrub
Peaches and Cream Body Butter Peaches and Cream Body Butter
Mocha Face Wash Whip Mocha Face Wash Whip
Soft Serve Gelato Scrub
Fast Dry Brush Cleaner Fast Dry Brush Cleaner
Coffee Macaroon Scrub
Oil Cleanse Oil Cleanse
Charcoal Facial Bar Charcoal Facial Bar

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