Jeffree Star Cosmetics are high quality, vegan and cruelty-free. Famous for his lipsticks, Jeffree's Velour Liquid Lipsticks are smudge-proof and beautifully opaque, and his eyeshadow palettes are bold and beautifully pigmented. Beauty Bliss is an official New Zealand stockist for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 100% authentic, 100% cruelty-free.
Velour Liquid Lipstick Velour Liquid Lipstick
225 reviews
$34.00 $27.20
The Gloss: Nude Collection The Gloss: Nude Collection
Orgy Palette Orgy Palette
12 reviews
$109.00 $87.20
Magic Star Concealer (New Shades added!) Magic Star Concealer (New Shades added!)
Velvet Trap Velvet Trap
6 reviews
$30.00 $24.00
The Gloss The Gloss
18 reviews
$30.00 $24.00
Cremated Palette Cremated Palette
5 reviews
$109.00 $87.20
Blood Sugar Blood Sugar
47 reviews
$109.00 $87.20
Blood Lust Palette Blood Lust Palette
20 reviews
$129.00 $103.20
Skin Frost Skin Frost
20 reviews
$49.00 $39.20
Automatic Eyeliner Automatic Eyeliner
4 reviews
$32.00 $25.60
Platinum Ice Pro Palette Platinum Ice Pro Palette
Marble Star Mirror - Black Marble Star Mirror - Black
24 Karat Pro Palette 24 Karat Pro Palette
18 reviews
$65.00 $52.00
Magic Star Setting Powder - Banana Magic Star Setting Powder - Banana
Mini Breaker Palette Mini Breaker Palette
11 reviews
$49.00 $39.20
Conspiracy Collection - Conspiracy Palette Conspiracy Collection - Conspiracy Palette
Mini Nudes Bundle: Volume 1 Mini Nudes Bundle: Volume 1
Red Chrome Hand Mirror Red Chrome Hand Mirror
Pink Star Robe Pink Star Robe
2 reviews
$119.00 $95.20
Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette