Puraz New Zealand began in 2004 with the sole aim of creating scientifically-formulated, but all natural, health and beauty products to work from within the body, to achieve truly noticeable results to both skin and wellbeing. Prior to 2004, the company’s founder and still CEO today, Warren Stirling, could see the enormous potential in natural products when they were formulated based on scientific evidence. He began researching the market extensively and found the natural health and beauty industry was dominated by products that contained active ingredients with little scientific evidence for efficacy and/or contained such small or inappropriate amounts of active ingredients, they simply couldn’t give people the results they were being promised.
100% Collagen Infusion 100% Collagen Infusion
PRO-d Joint Health PRO-d Joint Health
Telomere Health Telomere Health
Probiotic+ Probiotic+
1 review
RAW Collagen Powder RAW Collagen Powder
100% Krill Oil 100% Krill Oil
Sleep Manager Sleep Manager
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