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GHD Glide vs GHD Rise™

Posted on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 - By Amelia

The technology of hair straightening is ever advancing and GHD has been leading the pack. Last year, GHD introduced their revolutionary GHD Glide Hot Brush and now have released the GHD Rise. These hot brushes are designed to give you flawless looking hair while putting in as little effort as possible -it's as easy as brushing your hair! We love when GHD comes out with new products, but it makes choosing your styling tool that much harder. As someone who is incredibly indecisive, I need to be SURE I am buying the right product before I can commit!

So, what are the differences between the two brushes?

The great thing with hot brushes in general is that they can be used on any hair type, of any length - they are especially saving graces for short hair where classic irons are a no go! Basically, if you can brush your hair, you can use a hot brush.

Both brushes come with a 2.7m cable, are set to the optimum 185°C and come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty - we love that.

The GHD Glide tackles and eliminates frizz from the root to tip by using ceramic technology, resulting in smooth, sleek hair. Because the surface of the brush is relatively large and consists of short and long bristles, it can tackle large sections of hair in one go making it extremely time efficient.

Although it won’t give you the same dead-straight results you might achieve after using a straightening iron, it will get rid of those hard to tame strands and leave your hair looking salon fresh after use. Perfect for the day after a big night out.

Where the GHD glide prevents frizz, the GHD Rise gives you volume. You can say bye bye to flat, limp, stick-to--your-head hair without having to use an excess of dry shampoo. The barrel design with 5mm bristles allows volume to be added right at the roots of the hair for maximum root lift. It can also be used throughout the length of you hair like an ordinary barreled brush or similar to curling iron, creating volume through soft waves, flicks and curls. The result is hair that looks fuller and bouncier like you have just had a blow wave.

The GHD Rise uses slightly smarter, ultra-zone predictive technology which ensures the entire length of the barrel (apart from the tip) is heated evenly, creating consistent results across the length of hair it uses. The tip is designed to stay cool allowing you to maximise tension when styling.

Basically, the GHD glide is perfect for those who have problems with frizz and want their hair smooth and silky. The GHD rise on the other hand is great for those who have limp hair and are wanting to add more volume. Both brushes have raving reviews and will cut down your styling time making them great for busy lives! So, what hot brush are you going to try?

You can shop the full GHD range here:

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