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Ultimate Guide: Carousel Rose Gold Brush Set

Posted on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 - By Courtney

The Carousel Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set is one of the best selling products here at Beauty Bliss - heaps go out every single day, and they aren't slowing down! We even supply a couple of Makeup Schools with them for their students makeup kits! This blog post sets out what brushes come in the set, and gives some guidance as to their uses.

The Carousel Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set comes with 15 brushes all wrapped up in a cute rose gold pouch. Seven brushes are 'face' brushes, while the other eight are 'eye' brushes. Each brush in the set is also available individually, which means you can stock up on your favourites, without having to buy the entire set again.

We often get asked what each brush can be used for - while we don't like to give rules to follow when it comes to how use your makeup tools (as makeup and its application is all about doing what works for you) we thought we would create a quick guide as to some common uses of each brush, for those of you who might like a little guidance.

Rose Gold Angled Buffer Brush.

The perfect brush to buff out bronzer, blush and any excess powders with ease! We have also heard of people using it to apply foundation and to pack powder for baking and carving out their contour.

Rose Gold Powder Brush.

Set all of your creams and liquids by using this brush to dust on powder. I've even used this myself to lightly apply bronzer and highlighter on my body!

Rose Gold Flat Contour Brush.

This brush is perfect for applying your contour and bronzing products around your cheeks, forehead, nose and jawline. The flat top gives precision, while the soft bristles makes blending a dream.

Rose Gold Foundation Brush.

Apply creams and liquids with ease with this tapered bristled foundation brush. It can also be used to apply moisturisers, primers and face masks.

Rose Gold Blush Brush.

This brush helps you give your cheeks the perfect flush of colour. The angled edge fits into the contours of your face perfectly, while the soft bristles blend your product as you go. I've also used this brush to bronze and contour my face a couple of times and loved the results.

Rose Gold Fan Brush.

Sweep this super soft fan brush wherever you want a bit of glow to achieve a perfectly blended finish. The most common place for using this brush is on the application of highlighter above your cheek bones. Everyone is going to be envious of your glow.

Rose Gold Blender Brush.

Say bye bye to harsh lines with the Rose Gold Blender Brush. This brush softens the edges of your eyeshadow and create that perfect blend. The Blender Brush can also be used to contour smaller areas of your face, like your nose and under your bottom lip.

Rose Gold Smudged Shadow Brush.

This little brush is perfect for smudging out cream products, pencil liners and eyeshadows. We've even had a customer use it to apply concealer to clean up their brows.

Rose Gold Shader Brush.

Apply and blend at the same time! With this brush being a little flatter, it's perfect for applying eyeshadow to your lids. The slight fluffiness to it means it diffuses the edges as you're applying. If you only have one eyeshadow brush, make sure this is it!.

Rose Gold Fluffy Crease Brush.

This brush makes it easier than ever to get a seamless blend. The synthetic bristles are super soft and it's the perfect size for blending colours through your crease. Based on the reviews of this product, we can assure you that other customers agree!

Rose Gold Pencil Brush.

The dense bristles on this brush make it perfect for smudging out liners and eyeshadows, to help create that perfect smokey eye.

Rose Gold Concealer Brush.

The flat head on this brush allows for perfect placement of your concealer. Whether you're after a more dramatic or natural look, this brush is all you need. Use it to apply and pat your cream and liquid concealers to perfection! Other uses include using this brush to apply eyeshadow primer and cream eyeshadows to the eyelid.

Rose Gold Precise Liner Brush.

The tapered bristles of the Rose Gold Precise Liner Brush allows for ultimate control while lining your eyes making it easier than ever to get the perfect shape.

It's also the perfect brush for perfecting your lipstick as the slightly rounded end makes getting a nice, sharp, cupids bow easier than ever.

Rose Gold Angled Brow Brush.

It doesn't matter if you use pomade or powder - this brush will pick up just the right amount of any brow product. The tapered bristles allows you to create nice sharp lines, while the density of the brush means you can also achieve a soft brow look. The sharp angled edge on this brow brush makes it your new best friend when it comes to creating your perfect brows.

Rose Gold Winged Liner Brush.

A dense, short brush is perfect for achieving straight lines - making this brush ideal for creating that perfect winged liner we all strive for.

We've also had a customer use it to contour their nose, so the range of uses of this brush is wide!

And that's a wrap! I hope this mini guide helped you out and hopefully you even a learnt new trick or two! The Carousel Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set has every brush you will ever need for creating any look you choose. Not only is it one of the most aesthetically pleasing brush sets, but it is affordable and of super good quality. So what are you waiting for - go and try it!

Until next time,
Courtney xx

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