JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS HOLIDAY COLLECTION: We are excited to be stocking select shades from this collection but unfortunately our shipment hasn't yet left Los Angeles. We have an estimated arrival date of Monday 27th November, however this date is not firm. It may arrive sooner, it may arrive later - please bear this in mind when placing orders. As soon as we have updates, we will post them here plus on the individual product pages.

Please bear with us, we were a little on the fence about whether to list these products as pre-orders, but want to make sure our die-hard JSC fans can secure their favourite shades as soon as possible.

Occasionally we open popular products up to pre-orders on Beauty Bliss. This allows die-hard fans of the products to secure their babies first, and also helps us out with cashflow so that we can continue to bring you awesome new products :)

When placing a pre-order, here are a few things you need to know:

We always provide an estimated date but this may change.
We only sell stock on pre-order that we have secured (paid for) and is en-route to New Zealand. This however means that there can still be delays with the shipping company or more often, with NZ Customs. We’ll do everything we can to deliver on the estimated date (Toni once drove for 3 hours to pick up stock that was delayed) but please bear with us if there are delays outside of our control.

Orders containing pre-order stock will be shipped together.
If you’d like your non pre-order stock shipped first, please place a separate order.

Pre-order stock can (and probably will) sell out!
Just because it’s on pre-order, doesn’t mean there is unlimited stock. As we only sell on pre-order things that we’ve already bought, the stock is limited and often sells out – get in quick!

Pre-orders can not be canceled
Please choose carefully as we do not cancel and refund pre-orders before they are sent.