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Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Blood Lust Collection

Posted on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 - By The BB Team

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Blood Lust Collection
First there was Blood Sugar, then there was Blue Blood. Now it's time to get ready for Jeffree Star's latest palette and collection: Blood Lust!

Jeffree's first Blood palettes took the world by storm with their incredible pigmentation and colour story, not to mention the unique packaging. To this day both still fly off our shelves and are currently both out of stock (eeek, hopefully back soon!). Soo... what's in the collection? Well there's no-one better than Jeffree to tell you exactly what he has created. Check out his full reveal video below:

What's coming to Beauty Bliss?

Blood Lust Palette - $129 NZD. Includes loyalty points & free shipping (NZ & Australia). Afterpay and Zip will be available.

Of course we're getting the Blood Lust Palette! Jeffree has previously released palettes in the shape of a coffin, an alien head, and now he's giving us a crushed, purple velvet hexagon. Blood Lust contains 18 shades with extreme payoff, a mixture of his iconic matte formula and also a new extreme sparkle metallic formula. The outer packaging is also hexagon shaped and has a cardboard bumper inside to protect the palette as much as possible while it gets shipped out to you.

The Gloss - $32 NZD each
Jeffree's famous lip gloss formula will have 5 new shades:
- Iridescent Throne
- Lord Star
- Sickening
- Sorcery
- Wizards Glass

The Gloss Bundle - $140 NZD + free shipping
We'll be selling all 5 shades of The Gloss in a cost-saving bundle.

Mini Purple Bundle - $109 NZD + free shipping
The new mini velour liquid lipstick set which includes 8 shades including 2 new shades that are exclusive to this bundle:
- Clout
- Blow Pony
- Scorpio
- I'm Royalty
- Virginity
- Berries on Ice
- Royal Armour (new)
- I'm Vulgar (new)


We will launch at the exact same as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which in New Zealand time is: Saturday 22nd February, 7am. Sign up to our email list to receive an alert when the products are launched:



When will I receive my order?
We'll be working through the weekend to ship all your orders in time for our Monday evening Courier pick-up. However, please allow an extra 2-3 business days for your order to arrive.

Will the collection be available in store?
Yes! Our store opens at 10am on Saturday. Stock will be reserved especially for the store - so if something is sold out online, there will still be stock at 10am. We can't answer this one yet sorry, it depends on how fast our shipment clears customs. We'll have a definitive answer for you in the days just before launch.

Can I pre-order or reserve stock?
No sorry, we never sell products before the official worldwide launch. Be up with us at 7am for your best chance of securing your favourites :)

Can I pay using Afterpay or Zip?
Yes! Afterpay and Zip will be available for both New Zealand and Australian customers. Zip will have the normal $50 minimum.

Is your website going to crash like it did with Conspiracy?
Goodness, that was a rough morning!! No. It's not going to. We've learned a lot from that day and will be up early scaling up the servers to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Will you be selling the accessories and mirrors?
Unfortunately not. We recommend you visit directly for these items.

Isn't the release date the 21st?
Jeffree's release time of 10am PST 21st Feb translates to 7am 22nd Feb here in New Zealand due to the time difference.